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Cummins 13kW Home Standby Generator 100-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch Quiet Connect Series RS13A-NP1

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Cummins 13kW Home Standby Generator 100-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch Quiet Connect Series RS13A-NP1 with 60-day Free returns, Lowest Price Guarantee and We ship worldwide. SHOP NOW!

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Cummins 13 kW Generator

Cummins RS13A 13kW Quiet Connect Generator with 100-Amp, Service-Entrance-Rated, NEMA 3R Indoor/Outdoor Automatic Transfer Switch supplies your entire home during an outage.The Cummins 13kW Home Standby Generator 100-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch installs permanently to your house through the automatic transfer switch and existing natural gas or propane supply. It monitors the power company distribution lines 24/7, then automatically starts and runs when it detects an outage and continues to run until the utility restores power.


 The Fuel Inlet Connection location has Changed. Click the FAQ Tab for details.

Cummins 13kW Home Standby Generator 100-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

The Cummins RA112S3 100-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch with NEMA 3R Aluminum enclosre rated for indoor and outdoor use installs between the utility meter and the main circuit breaker panel. The generator controller automatically starts the generator within seconds after it detects an outage. After startup, it signals the transfer switch to isolate the home from the utility lines and supply it with power from the generator. It all happens automatically within seconds after an outage.

Powerful motor starting capability allows the Cummins 13 kW Generator to start a 5-ton air conditioner while operating a full household load and supply clean power to sensitive electronics at the same time. From a no-load condition to accepting a normal household load, the voltage varies by no more than 1.25 percent. Under steady-state conditions, the RS13A maintains voltage within 1.25 percent and frequency never varies more than 1.25 percent. Clean, worry free power you can count on.

The Cummins RS13A 13kW Quiet Connect Generator 100-Amp ATS with Intelligent Load Management (**kit sold separately) learns and remembers the power requirements of 240-volt loads like air conditioners. Operating heavy loads only when the generator has power available allows a smaller, more fuel-efficient generator to manage up to four central air conditioners. The A051C329 Cummins Load Management Kit controls two appliances like an air conditioner or water water. Two kits can control four loads.

Monitor and control the Cummins 13 kW Generator from almost anywhere. Advanced Remote Access (no cost) uses the highway safety and monitoring network for vehicles and equipment. Check generator status, program exercise periods, even manually start and stop the generator using the Cloud Connect Smartphone App on phones, tablets, or computers. Send performance data directly to your authorized dealer for worry-free maintenance.

A compact, efficient design packs the Cummins 13kW Home Standby Generator into a 34 x 36 x 27-inch enclosure. The generator meets NFPA 37 code for installation just 18-inches from the home. A sleek and attractive cabinet blends into the landscaping.

Patented sound technology and an advanced housing design with a corrosion resistant aluminum exterior and galvanized steel interior reduces noise and vibration. Sound levels of just 65dBA make the Cummins 13kW generator among the quietest in its class.

The Cummins 13kW Home Standby Generator comes equipped for operation down to zero degrees out of the box. Cold weather accessories extend the operating temperature well below zero for reliable starts across the northern continental United States.

A patented “Crank-Only” mode reduces wear and tear during the exercise cycle. The engine cranks without starting while the controller performs diagnostics. The generator gets the exercise it needs, while the controller ensures that the generator is operating correctly. This eco-friendly feature saves fuel and produces less noise than operating the generator for 5 to 20 minutes every week.

A Cummins QSJ999G Engine powers the Cummins RS13A home standby generator. Cummins, the world-class leader in diesel and natural gas engines, designed and built the propane or natural gas engine. The installer selects the fuel-type during installation.

Cummins RS13A 13kW Quiet Connect Generator

Cummins Power Generation supports the Quiet Connect 13kW Generator line with the world’s largest and best trained worldwide network of certified distributors and dealers. They answer questions about maintenance and operation and offer a complete selection of maintenance parts, accessories, and products along with manuals and specification sheets.The 13kW Generator includes a five-year/2000-hour limited warranty that covers travel and labor for two years and parts for a full five years.Make the Cummins RS13A 13kW Quiet Connect Generator installation easier with a Generator Pad. Required by some local building codes, they keep the generator from sinking into the dirt. Using a premade generator pad eliminates the need for a poured concrete base or a pea gravel bed.Requires a Group 51R 450 CCA Battery purchased locally.

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    Wished I had found this sooner, it took me a lot of money and time until I found my dream product here!

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